Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas~~!!

when I am writing this, xmas is over...did u all celebrate with your love one? hope u guys had a happy christmas :)

I dont really enjoy my christmas although I enjoyed my christmas....hahaha wtf..anyway...I went to neway...sing k again!! one of my hobby..but before that we had dinner at Italiannies...which was the moment I enjoyed..just because they have this dish damnnnn nicee!! its garlic bread with dunno wat sauce...I know I didnt remember it again...but other than that, others are not that nice to eat..I still miss the mushroom thou

It's time to trim my hair XD

Ok, dont ask me what's those foods name cause I didnt take not of it..pai seh

these 2 pics is the garlic bread thingy I mentioned just now...see...anyone know what's is that sauce call ah? or anyone know how to do it? got recipe? pls pls pls pls pls pls tell me!!

oh no the spaghetti is not nice at all, just the scallop is not bad...the chicken so so only

These are the desserts...I dont know what is this as well, but the jam there tasted like orange, and the biji-biji thingy is like bread

this cake, I just ate 1 bite and I didnt want to have another bite, well well..I'm not a big fan of cake...kinda picky on it...if u r a big fan of cakes u can try it :)

After dinner we went to Neway which located in Puchong. I dont know izit for that day, but my mom also dont like it there. It is the neway at puchong..kinda new which I think opened this year or last long is not more than 2 years la. OMG!! yesterday was totally a mess. I dont know how the scenario can be started, every one who booked for 10pm (e.g us), almost until 11pm only can get the room. So I can put it in, during day, they let whoever in just because they just wan more and more customer. FYI, if go sing k, we usually have to reach there 10 minutes before the time you book, or even on time. If you come late after 10-15 minutes of the time you book, then sorry la, the room will not keep it for people who doesnt come on time, only if there are no new customers wanna book room.

So on that day, I heard alot of

customer 1:miss, why is it so long, u said 15 minutes, then another 15 minutes x3-5

receptionist A: sorry, I know is our fault.

customer 1: I not want u to say sorry, but u guys need to do something about it. We booked
10pm, now I waited for 50 minutes d, there's already alot of 15 minutes

receptionist A: sorry sorry, I know is our fault.

customer: cannot like this one, if so then what for we need to book time. We might as well just walk in and wait.

bla bla bla

there were tooooooo many customers complaint, even I'm someone so patient I also beh tahan. I most beh tahan was that WE HAVE TO take the 50++ package. I also dunno they got bull shit anot wan loh, 12am and onwards is 40++, without dinner buffet. Then she said actually we only do 50++ package cause usually the buffet is until 11pm but today we postpond to 11.30pm...BULL SHIT!! We were soooo angry about it. I only let us in 11pm, then 11.30 the buffet will close, so you are asking us to war for the food la. But at last, we also cant do anytyhing, I know some of you will think, might as well just leave, but if so at 1st I wont wanna wait d, and is already in our plan, if cancel...wat u gonna do

anyway....we really did to war for food man!! omg...cause left half hour only...what can we do. So we try as fast as possible to grab whatever we want, and then da bao back home...hahahahaha...WAIT....think seriously first, you see...we just had dinner 2 hours ago, although I can eat some food after 2 hours which I did, but we pay for so much, and due to they gave us the room late, PLUS everyone is doin the same thing, so...why not. It is better than we cant finsih the food right.

This is the deco of the front desk

since we are waiting, might as well take some pics to pass time

These were our fooddddd!!!!! but for 4 la

must take pics with soooo many foods first :D

Its like heaven kan..kan!! see the lights...haha..make till really like in heaven

da bao-ing...hahaha

videos of me singing...I noted that u guys complaint that cant see anything at all..this n I ost things that can SEE this time...haha..doesnt sounds good..mostly play play nya...hope u guys enjoy :P miss the part I sang last time? Click here :)

guess is the original or I singing?

duet with fren

seriously playing...hahaha

last song to sing

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