Monday, December 15, 2008

Ikano punya xmas deco

We all (Malaysian) know that curve, ikano, cineleisuire n ikea are linked together, but I didnt expect that every of the shopping centre will have xmas deco. Cause can see that curve's xmas deco spent alot money d, ikea I didnt see la..but not that noticable also...then few days ago I went Ikano with my family, I saw their xmas deco...which is not bad at I decided to go back there to take the deco another day because the 1st time I saw that my cammy no battery d T_T

On that day, I wore a pair of flat sandals!!

I know its not big deal..but for me...its kinda big deal cause I dont really wear flat shoes due to it will make me look fatter n shotter (although wore when was in Australia)...wat to do...I'm not born with a long legs or skinnier legs..but seriously it does help to maintain the size...or get skinnier in a way..cause I think my tights was fatter last time. and I realize I become more boyish, as in I dont really care my behavior or posture those n act like a guy...cause somewhat when wearing heels cant stand in some way when wearing no good

anyway...while I taking pic of my flat sandal...something excited happened again...I think I said this last week when I post the pics of the dog in the car..this time the same thing happened n yet, there were 2 a merz...wat a 'hou meng' dog, even can sit in a merz. But dangerous..I feel not secure at all when I saw the dog is holding on the window by it own, another wan is on the driver seat! while the driver is driving..omg...really very dangerous loh

but cant deny that the dogs are cute!!

While we were walking from Cineleisure to Ikano, we saw people carol-ing there. But its weird cause they dont have a mic cant really hear them sing also

At last, the deco pics are here

The floor is so dirty because of the kids..or maybe some of the 'adults'...I got proof thou

The kids actually just take those PVC doing alot of stuff..msostly I saw is like this...put on their head..kinda cute also la cause snow ma..haha

but I think this is too much wei...he wanna bring it back home for bean bag izit?

This make me feel cozy...especially when I see families taking pics there...I feel like doing good there by helping them to take pics...if not really wasted leh...

like this family...cute rite

but I wonder how come is the mom to take the photo...I thought should be the father? Ok...dun wan continue d later kena say I sexist again

Very soon...1 more week xmas is here

wish u guys will enjoy on that day !!

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