Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unbelievable xmas deco of KLCC

this will be a short wan cause the deco also abit only :p

Its really out of my expectation, I thought KLCC will have kinda 'kua jiong' xmas deco...but nope...they just have a xmas tree with deco on it with the height as tall as the building, which is same as last year..last last year..or I should say almost every year?

So...seriously...nth much to take

but quite cute also...I like..haha

this deco kinda...hm...not so xmas lor other than using red n green for the deco

9 more days to go loveliesss...got plan d?

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theplanetatrevolvesarounDearth said...

no plans yet.. u leh??